School Hours/Arrival and Dismissal

School Hours

8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Students must be in the classroom by 8:30 AM or they are considered tardy.
Please plan to arrive at school between 8:20 AM and 8:25 AM if you are walking or arriving by car.

  • Students will not be given access to the building until 8:20 AM unless they are involved in a formal student activity or enrolled in the NPSD Extended School Care.
  • If a student arrives late, after the 8:30 AM  bell, a parent must sign the student in at the office. For your child's safety, please do not drop them off to walk in alone.
  • Students may NOT be dropped off in the bus zone or in front of the school during arrival time, you will need to use the parent drop off loop on the side of the building (Line Street side).
  • Students being picked up during departure at the end of the day will be dismissed from the cafeteria doors. Parents should cue their cars in the car loop on  Bridle Path Road off of Line Street. Once the first car line row is full and blocked off with a cone, please enter the second one way row to the left of the first row.  Please remain in your car. A staff member will get your students name and they will come out to the car in order. If a student cannot buckle themselves, please pull forward and off to side to help them after they have entered the car, so other cars can exit safely.


Please remember to send a written note to your child's teacher if your child is to travel home differently than usual. Make sure your child's name and his/her teacher name are on the note.

Students may NOT ride home with a student on another bus except for emergency child care purposes. A note is needed by both families for a bus pass to be granted. Parent pickup is preferred in these circumstances to alleviate overcrowding of buses.